Making the most of every day as an entrepreneur can be tough, especially when your to-do list seems to get longer.  These productivity tips can keep you and your team focused and moving forward, no matter what new challenges cross your path.

Create a priority list

As an entrepreneur, you’re already a motivated ‘self-starter.’ But taking time at the beginning of the week (or the day) to list key tasks will help you and your team address what’s most important. Remind everyone, including yourself, about why you’re in business – the problems you solve and the people you help.

Minimize distractions and clutter

Set up your workspace to boost your productivity and your work style. If silence allows you to think, then close your door and turn off the music. But if a desk covered with organized chaos spurs ideas, keep the piles and trinkets. Try to set boundaries so unexpected visitors or spontaneous meetings don’t occur very often.

Schedule breaks into the day

It may seem counterintuitive, but occasional breaks can boost productivity. Taking a walk, enjoying a healthy snack, even a short meditation can help teams regain energy, re-center and refocus. And if coffee (or tea) adds a bit of needed stimulation, then enjoy a cup or two.

Build a healthy lifestyle and use technology to help

You know you should eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest to achieve high levels of productivity. But hectic schedules make it difficult to find balance. Apps like Fitness Buddy, Sleep Time, and MyFitness Pal can support your workouts, rest, and nutritional goals.

Keep learning

Exploring ideas and building skills brings ‘fresh air’ into your company. Encourage teams to be curious and interested in continual learning. Productivity (and morale) will remain high when teams continue to grow. Learning management systems (LMS) with eLearning options are available to help you hone in on relevant training and track progress.

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