Vankeith Commercial Capital Equipment Financing

Our Equipment Financing Program Can Reduce the Financial Strain on Your Business

Virtually every business needs equipment in order to function efficiently. If you own a small business, you may not have the funds necessary to purchase the gear your business needs to reach its full potential. If you feel like your only option is to strain your limited financial resources and buy machinery up-front, there may be a better alternative. At VanKeith Commercial Capital, we offer an equipment financing program that could be the ideal solution to your equipment acquisition needs.

Why Leasing May Be a Wise Choice

Leasing is a wise decision for most businesses because it doesn’t force you to compromise your finances in order to use the equipment you need. When you take advantage of our equipment leasing solution, you enjoy immediate use of the equipment you select, but you can pay for it in small chunks for the duration of the loan period. Other benefits of our program include:

  • Little or no down payment
  • Tax advantages
  • Various payment structures available
  • Fixed monthly installment plan
  • No unnecessary strain on existing credit lines
  • No financial statements required if applications are below $150,000

Qualifying businesses may qualify for up to $500,000 for middle market or large ticket financing.

Sale and Lease Back Programs

If you have already purchased equipment despite insufficient funds, you can apply for our sale and lease back program. This program gives you the chance to earn immediate cash by selling your equipment to us. You can then lease it back from us and retain full use of it while you meet the terms of your lease.

Government Programs

We guarantee financing for government and municipal programs on both state and federal levels. We frequently lease equipment to libraries, police departments, fire houses and others.

Startup Programs

Our startup program is intended for small businesses that have been operating for no more than two years. This program is intended to help small businesses obtain the equipment necessary to operate.

Apply Today

Our equipment financing programs lets you utilize the machinery you need to grow without straining your budget. To apply today, call us at 919-241-8726.