Vankeith Commercial Capital Consumer financing

Build Brand Awareness and Encourage Loyalty With Consumer Financing

One of the most common challenges business owners face is how to build brand awareness and encourage customer loyalty. Unless your business is truly unique, you are most likely competing with other businesses for the same customer base. So, how do you earn loyalty and encourage repeat business? Offering financing options to your customers is a great start. Our consumer finance program focuses on meeting your customer’s needs while making your life as a business owner easier.

Foster Loyalty

When you work hard to meet the financing needs of your customers, they notice. This is especially true if you offer any goods or services that might be considered expensive to the average consumer. Paying for items over time is almost always easier than paying for them up-front. Here are a few benefits our consumer finance program can offer (to both you and your customers):

  • Simple credit review and approval process
  • Ability to finance credit scores down to 580 (FICO)
  • Quick fund deposits
  • Online application and transaction processing resources
  • Training services
  • Tiered pricing
  • Secure processing of credit transactions
  • Ability to collect on bad debt
  • Six months, same-as-cash and other incentive programs
  • Marketing support

When you apply for this program, you receive easy access to world-class customer support. We will do everything we can to make sure the program meets your needs.

Learn More

We would love to answer any questions you have about our consumer finance program. To learn more, give us a call at 919-241-8726 today.