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We Offer Unlimited Financing to Meet Your Business Needs

Does your business currently have a lot of unpaid receivables? If so, you are probably feeling the strain of outstanding invoices on your business budget. Thankfully, there is relief available if you find that your resources are consistently allocated to collecting on outstanding receivables.

At VanKeith Commercial Capital, we offer an accounts receivable program to take the burden of unpaid invoices off your shoulders. We will buy your receivable invoices from you at a reduced rate, and in return we will give you immediate cash that can be used for practically any business expense or goal.

Program Details

Your business is not required to have pristine financials in order to qualify for our factoring program, since approval is based on the credit of your customers rather than your own. Once approved, you can typically receive cash within 24 hours. Additional program details include:

  • No-cost credit insurance on your clients
  • No personal guarantees
  • Financing available for practically any business
  • No fixed monthly payments
  • No subjective decisions made by a loan board
  • Increased ability to service large, unexpected orders
  • No recourse if accounts are unpaid

In addition to these attractive details and benefits, our financing receivables program also notifies you of any bad credit risks and sends out regular monthly statements.

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