Creating a business is a huge undertaking. A business plan can be a great help, because it’s a guide to your goals and the details of your business. Unless you’re working on a business plan for investors, you can make the task of writing one much less daunting by focusing on its core elements. Today, business plans are short, concise documents that are easy to read and therefore, easier to write.

What goes into a business plan?

The basics of a business plan can often be listed in just one page. Start with your strategy and goals. Include a list of tasks and responsibilities. Finally, put some financial projections down. You can expand the document to include more information as you learn and grow. Eventually, you may want to have chapters that outline your marketing plan, information about the management team and a detailed financial plan.

Who needs a business plan?

Every business should have some kind of plan. How are you going to accomplish your goals if you don’t know what they are? Who is going to accomplish what? Your business plan can help you break down your business into manageable pieces. Even if you don’t have to convince investors to put money toward your venture, you can really focus your business when you have a plan.

Using your business plan as a guide.

The irony of a good business plan is that it’s not going to be perfect. A good business plan is dynamic and usable. Plan one day a month to review and revise. You may find that your plan helps you stay focused on your goals. Or you may find that your plan isn’t working, and you need to adjust. If you ever need a formal business plan, you have a working document that can be used as the backbone of a larger project.

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